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The world's first shark detection buoy.

We love the beach

That's why 85% of Australians live on the coast.

Sharks love the ocean

Sharks have always lived in our coastal waters.

Clever sonar

The Clever Buoy uses sonar to detect the shark’s distinct movements.

Network Communication

Once a shark has been detected, the Clever Buoy sends a message via the strength of the Optus Network.

Lifeguard alert

The message is then instantly relayed to lifeguards on the beach, so they can raise the alarm.

Sonar Detection

The Clever Buoy uses state of the art sonar imaging technology deployed on the seabed to provide accurate, real-time data capture.

Custom Battery

The Clever Buoy is powered by a custom-designed, re-chargeable battery, which powers the sonar, onboard data analysis and transmission.

Data Analyser

Self-contained on board the Clever Buoy is a microprocessor that analyses the sonar signature data.

Data Transmitter

The data is transferred using a two-way Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite service, which can remotely manage fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world.

Optus Network

Optus has ensured a solution which allows alerts triggered by the Clever Buoy to be sent over a secure channel. This means the alerts can be received and responded to in real time.

On shoreComms

Shark detections are alerted via a signal on shore. The data is also shared with relevant audiences using Google+, so that the right information, reaches the right people, at the right time.

R&D Project.

Clever Buoy is a Research and Development programme aimed at developing a prototype, that could one day present a viable alternative to current shark defence methods.

Clever Buoys

Long term, we hope to use the buoys to capture the sonar signatures of all marine life. This will eventually give us a snapshot into the ongoing health of the sea like never before.